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Lightness of Being – GROWTH


Today is a special day for me because it’s May 30th and it’s my birthday. What’s so wonderful is that a little over 5 years ago I was in a much different place—emotionally. What many of you may not know is that back then, and for many years prior to that, I was continuing to make choices that were leading me down a dark path and I simply could not find my way out. Sparing you the long details, I'll just say that those choices continued to become worse. Luckily with some guidance from my loved ones and my camera, I was able to find the way out and am now in a wonderful place I didn’t think was possible. 
As I sit here and write this (which you will read a few days after my birthday) it is 5am and I have already been to the gym and back, per my typical daily routine. Who would have thought that I would get up and be in the gym at 4am daily? Not me, that’s for certain! But it is this early daily start that has enabled me to find peace in myself and in my art. Everyone finds peace and/or measures success differently, but I measure mine not in the money I make—or don’t—but rather in the lives I touch and the smiles I create. It is in my art that I find the most peace, and it is also in my art that I aim to help others find theirs. That, to me, IS success! 
In the movie Finding Forrester, the character William Forrester (portrayed by Sean Connery) says, "writers write so that readers can read". I feel the same can be said about artists… creators create so that viewers can view!
And this brings me to the exciting news of the moment…


I have been invited by the Southeast Center for Photography to do a solo exhibition of my works, which I gladly accepted, and this will be on-display during the months of July and August in Greenville, South Carolina. It has been over a year in-the-making to capture and prepare the images for this show and I’m thrilled with the outcome of the 24 framed prints. What is most remarkable about doing such a show is the amount of work that goes into it, above and beyond just the capture and processing of the images themselves.

Let's see… we have marketing & planning (months in advance), budgeting, ordering of supplies, scheduling, image choices, logo creation, printing, framing & delivery, artist statements, more marketing, and then… more marketing. It’s not a small task to say the least, but one that I’m more than willing to tackle. This is a tiny price to pay when the reward of smile-creation is so enormous in comparison. 
Anyway, enough of all the jibber-jabber; let’s unfold the details…

Hosted by: Southeast Center for Photography
July 6th– OPENING NIGHT (show runs until August 25th)
6pm – 10pm
116 East Broad Street, Greenville, SC 29601
~ Please RSVP on the official EVENT page ~ 

Click here for a small sampling of the show!


Photographers spend an enormous amount of time capturing images and processing them so they can be published to their websites and shared across social media for the world to see. That said, it is my opinion that no photograph is 100% complete without some sort of physical manifestation of it—the print! And it’s not just the print, but also the presentation of it—the framing!
There is a trend right now in printing on alternate substrates such as metal, canvas, DuraPlaq™, etc. There is nothing inherently wrong with this; however, more times than not these prints are hung on the wall without any further display methods. There is no reason that this type of print shouldn’t also be given a proper presentation such as a float frame. This is, of course, just my opinion and I’m glad to see these images are being printed regardless. Like I said earlier… this is indeed a physical manifestation of the photograph and fulfills the completion for all intents and purposes. I choose not to print on these alternate substrates but there is a wonderful benefit to these methods in that there is no need for a glass protection barrier. I will reiterate though… I believe they should still be framed. 
Personally, I like to print on fine art paper and frame in a more traditional method, using white mats and simple black frames. I find for black & white photography this looks most appealing to the masses and has a very classic look, which I tend to lean towards. There are also little touches that really up the game when it comes to print presentation, such as embossing the print on the lower left with a custom ‘mark’ (something that cannot be done on the aforementioned alternate substrates), signing in pencil rather than ink so that it’s less intrusive (again, something that cannot be done on those alternate substrates), using 8-ply mats and a quality glazing such as Museum Glass™, tape sealing the frame backs, and adding a few decals of professionalism to finish it off. I even pre-install some ‘photo corners’ on the back where the Certificate of Authenticity will go if the art collector so chooses (though some art collectors keep their CoA’s in a binder for easy access).
I suppose the bottom line is that far more goes into this than simply hitting the GO button on the printer and calling it good. There is too much to delve into, for this newsletter, in regards to proper printing techniques, but I’m here to tell you that it’s an art in-and-of-itself and takes vast effort to have a properly printed image, and just as much for proper framing that meets museum standards.  
Below are a few samples of this newsletter’s cover image properly printed and framed. This print is one that will be included at “In Different Light”, by the way…

Traditional presentation of white mat, black wood frame, and Museum Glass™
8-Ply Mat (Crescent RagMat Museum - 100% cotton mat)
Custom embossed "K" (from my logo) that is on each of my limited edition prints
Signing in lead is much less intrusive than ink, in my opinion
Tape-sealed frame backs and the professional touch of decals

I do all of my own framing, sort of… I have the moulding cut and joined for me, and have someone help me cut the Museum Glass™. Normally I will handle cutting my own mat windows, but for this show (to save time and headache) I went ahead and ordered them machine-cut. It took me 32 hours over the course of 4 days to complete the assembly of all 24 prints; I also handle my own printing, and that started many weeks prior to framing.

Honestly… I LOVE framing day(s)! It allows me to get away from my computer and work with my hands for a little while. If you ever have any questions regarding proper framing techniques, please don't hesitate to send me an email

If you live in the Charleston area, you can also reach out to Ben Osborn for some custom framing workshops that I highly recommend.  


I’m happy to say that my busy schedule of presentations and talks is beginning to calm down a bit, and with the difficult task of framing 24 prints behind me now, I should be able to get back to creating some new images. I’m looking forward to a bit of travel towards the end of summer and this coming autumn where I hope to get to a few new locations with some fellow photographers; whether that will be Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, or just along the east coast is yet to be determined. That said, other than my upcoming solo exhibition, I really don’t have much to add at this point… it's back to creating art! 
I hope that you all have been having a wonderful spring so far and I look forward to seeing some of you in Greenville next month. Cheers!


Thank you to Wine Country Camera for their continued support of my photography. I would not be able make my long exposure captures so easily without the world class filters and filter holder system from WCC. 
Thank you to the Southeast Center for Photography for your support of my works. I’m looking forward to the show this coming July – August. 


Breakwater Poetry – COUPLET
Desolation – DEVOTED
Eminence – ALPHA

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