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This past exhibition in Greenville, South Carolina had rave reviews and I would like to thank the Southeast Center for Photography for hosting such a wonderful event.

Please see the link to the right to learn more about this exhibition and feel free to contact me so that I may exhibit in your space in the near future. Cheers!


VISION: A World Created, Not Captured!

A World Created, Not Captured!

This is not your normal ‘how to’ type of talk. We commit an enormous amount of time in our craft learning new techniques and spending gobs of our hard earned dollars on new gear. While this is all fine and good, we tend to forget why it is that we got involved in photography in the first place. This talk and presentation focuses on the WHY of photography rather than the HOW, and it has gone over with incredible success. I’m looking forward to presenting to your camera club in the near future. Cheers!

Please contact me for booking information!