EDITION 003 — APRIL 2018
(Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge; Charleston, South Carolina)


Spring is in the air and this is absolutely my favorite time of year to be outdoors behind the camera. Last year at this time it was a bit hectic with being in the middle of a move from Colorado to the east coast and I was unable to do as much work as I would have liked. That came back to bite me when I had very few images in my backlog to edit during the dog days of summer, and I will NOT let that happen again this year! I’m looking forward to the next few months of fieldwork so that I can relax in the air conditioning during the heat of the summer; how about you? 

In this special THIRD issue I want to not only talk about the 'Happenings', but also discuss some more heartfelt things in a new section I've lovingly titled 'The Heart of the Matter'. This will be a section that is included in other newsletters moving forward, but not all of them. I hope it will go over well with everyone, so lets jump right in…


As many of you know, I have been presenting to several clubs and organizations, “VISION: A World Created, Not Captured”, and so far it has been very well received. I have made a few tweaks along the way to make it even better and this slightly revised version will be presented to the Cobb Photographic Society in the Atlanta area on April 16th

"VISION: A World Created, Not Captured"
April 16, 2018
6:30pm (be there a bit early please)
Switzer Library – 266 Roswell St. NE, Marietta, GA 30060
This presentation is all about the ‘why’ of photography rather than any technical ‘know how’ that we tend to focus on so often. I hope that if you are in the Atlanta area you can make it out; it would be great to see you! Don’t worry; no note taking will be required at this philosophical look into photography. 
Next up is the Drobo update I promised… As mentioned in the last newsletter, I have migrated all of my working files to a Drobo 5D3 external hard drive that has dual disk redundancy for protection against hard drive failures. I just wanted to comment very quickly that everything is running extremely fast and I’m thrilled to have finally made the switch. Please shoot me an email if you have any questions on my new file management setup and how to go about making a similar switch. Also, if you are in the Charleston area, a little bird told me that a friend of mine is putting together a presentation on this very topic and it won't be one to miss. When I hear more details I will be sure to pass it along.  



I want to spend a few moments discussing something that is near and dear to me when it comes to creating an image, and that ‘something’ would be VISION! Since I’ve now given my presentation on this topic a few times, I have come to realize that this word is often (more times than not) confused with what is commonly referred to as ‘pre-visualization’, or some subset of it. In other words, what many think is VISION is not really that at all. Let me explain…
I will frequently hear phrases like “my vision was to put the tree in the top section and allow the rocks to be leading lines up to the tree”, or “my vision is to have the tree be surrounded by negative space”. These comments are more closely related to the resulting look or outcome of the image itself, which is what pre-visualization is referring to, rather than the story, emotion, or feeling, which is of course what VISION is all about. VISION is a tough concept to grasp, but one that truly is a must in anything that is fine art related, including fine art photography.
A statement about VISION would be more along the lines of “my vision is to depict this tree as a metaphor of strength in an otherwise desolate state of surrounding void. I want to relate this tree to how one might feel in a world of hustle-and-bustle when they themselves might feel left out, but becoming a stronger person because of it”.
This is a statement that is related to VISION! In fact, this statement is one that relates to the series at the end of this newsletter titled “Lightness of Being”. The overall VISION in this series is to indeed present a metaphor of strength whether someone is alone, or in a group. The series is aimed to portray a sense of fortitude regardless of the surrounding happenings and/or void in our daily lives.
With VISION in mind, I believe that ALL fine art photography should be paired with a strong ‘Artist Statement’, especially when dealing with a series of images such as what I typically like to produce. The Artist Statement is simply a write-up of one to two paragraphs about the series that lets the viewer know the 'why' behind the work. This has nothing to do with the technical aspects of the capture, the gear used, the location, or anything else; it has to do with the feelings and emotions behind why the image or series was created in the first place. It is the Artist Statement that brings the intent full-circle and allows the viewer to know exactly what the maker is thinking.

This is also the very reason that image titles, as well as series titles, are of the utmost importance! Titles like “Trees in Water” simply don’t cut it, in my opinion. The title is the first step in the story-telling aspect, followed by the image itself, then concluded with the Artist Statement. These 3 elements (the ‘power of 3’) are what truly allows the viewer to connect on a deeper level with the art AND the artist! Not only that, but when all of these things are prevalent in the work, it proves to the viewer that this is more, and much more, than just a simple snapshot. 

I spend an enormous amount of time on the naming of my images & series, as well as the heartfelt writings of the Artist Statement. These things should not be left out, but rather given their due amount of time and respect just as we do in the actual creation of the image itself. The importance of titles and statements are, sadly, things that I see left in the wings by far too many image creators. 
I will close this section by saying that creations with VISION are truly rewarding on the emotional front, not just on the surface. However, images with ALL THREE aspects discussed above… are simply priceless!  


I’m excited to say that in the next issue we will have a closer look at the importance of the PRINT! We will not only look at the print, but also the presentation of it… the framing. We will dive into some important practices of printing and framing, some common mistakes, and some resources to get you started. 
I am looking at doing several shows this summer, so this topic is very fitting because of the amount of printing and framing that I will be doing in the following months. I hope to share more information in the next newsletter as to when and where these shows will happen, but right now I am just in the planning stages of it all. That said, I will indeed be showing my works this summer on multiple occasions and in multiple locations, so please stay tuned. 
For now I will just say that I have a very busy schedule this summer and it’s time to press the gas pedal down in an effort to move forward in the world of fine art print sales. I’m looking forward to truly getting up and running in Charleston and surrounding areas. 
I hope that you all have a great April, and for those in the Atlanta area, I’m looking forward to seeing you on the 16th.

As always, a BIG shoutout to Wine Country Camera for their continued support in my long exposure photography needs; their equipment is second to none! 


Lightness of Being – INCEPTION
Lightness of Being – STRENGTH
Lightness of Being – GATHERING

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