My goal is to produce fine-art photographic prints with the purpose of being displayed and enjoyed for a lifetime!

In my eyes, technical perfection and artistic intent are mandatory when I approach this fine-art process. My technical demands in the production of a print start all the way from the capture of the photograph, follow-through in the processing of the image itself, and are only completed with proper printing techniques using museum quality inks, papers and a full respect of archival practices when framing. The artistic intent of the work is in portraying a vision that is uniquely mine and revealed in a manner that might be different than one would see otherwise.

My approach has always been that of black and white imagery and I am a strong believer that removing colors enables my true vision of shapes and patterns to develop and textures to shine. However, my artistic approach is not limited to the removal of colors alone; it is first and foremost based on how I see and choose to portray subjects by focusing on simple elements such as leading-lines and volumes.

Having taken many years away from my camera to pursue graphic design, I did not recognize at first that I was actually building upon how I approach my photographic process that you see today. During those many years as a designer, I began to realize that there are graphic design elements surrounding each of us on a daily basis. Basic shapes and patterns exist in both the natural and man-made world, and I find that I am now seeking out some resemblance of these elements in nearly all of my current imagery. Perhaps not always, but more often than not, I am driven to combine graphical elements and photography into one creation.

In order for this to happen, I have embraced the modern digital aspect of photographic image processing. As opposed to being handcuffed to what one roll of film could do at a time, I am able to make a world of choices in the digital darkroom and sustain an infinite portrayal of my vision. My camera is only a tool to capture and carry the best data possible from the field to the studio where the image is then created. However, it is highly important to use top quality equipment in regards to image sensors and software, as well as professional inks and papers to ensure that the end result will be the absolute best without sacrifice. That being said, this technology is ever-evolving and I aim to consistently train myself in all possible avenues in order for the art itself to be at the top of its game. This photographic art process is something that I have set forth to study for a lifetime.

Lastly, I aim to have the utmost integrity with the collectors of my work. I do this, not because I should, but because I consider my relationships with my collectors to be of absolute importance. If I lose the mutual respect and trust, then my vision itself has lost its value. It is this final statement that, if nothing else, will continue to give me pride in my work as an artist.

– Kevin Holliday