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Elevated Illusions - no.8 is the first addition to this series in quite some time, and the first one captured at my new area of residence. This is the James B. Edwards bridge in Charleston, South Carolina and while the Ravenel Bridge may get all the attention, I find this bridge to be just as remarkable when looking down the centerline from underneath. I hope you will agree. Please see the remaining images in this series in The Work. Cheers! 

Coastal Cosmos - no.1
The first in a new series I have only just begun. I'm always so amazed at how things can look entirely different than what they truly are, when seen out of context. My vision for this series is to depict the sand in such a way that it appears as if you are viewing a NASA image of the cosmos. It is only the addition of the seashell that grounds the image in its placement. It is only then that the viewer is aware of what the rest of the image truly is. I hope that you like this beginning as much as I did in the creation of it. Cheers!