Whether you’re an absolute beginner seeking to explore the very basics of your camera, or a more seasoned user looking to hone the art of long exposure capture and black & white processing, there is really no better way to learn than to have one-on-one interaction with an instructor. For that, I am here to help! Whatever your goal may be, whatever your experience level is, or however much time you would like to spend, please know that I am at the ready walk with you along this path.

From field work to post processing—for beginners to advanced—I can guide you through the steps that I take in order to achieve the results you see on my website. For one-on-one sessions, I charge $75/hour. For small groups of 2 to 3 people, I have a reduced rate of $60/hour/person so that each participant is saving money while still maintaining the personalized instruction both in the field and at the computer. I also offer discounts for bulk-time that is paid upfront. This is especially good for those that are just starting out and will be needing 20 hours (or more) of total time in training/instruction. I offer these discounts in 10-hour segments that you can then use at your leisure and scheduling allowance. We can discuss this further upon our initial consultation.

These FULLY customizable classes are generally in the local and surrounding Charleston, South Carolina areas, but destinations outside of this are also available; we can discuss that if and when needed. Please let me know what it is that you are seeking and I will put together a suitable syllabus to fit your needs.

I’m looking forward to customizing your workshop. Cheers!


My group workshops are planned in advance and will generally have 8-10 participants. These workshops are schedule-driven and location-specific in order to best serve the group as a whole. Typically I will start the workshop with a meet-and-greet the night before, and this may contain a small digital presentation of what we’ll be covering… such as long exposure capture and/or black and white processing. The following day we will meet at a set location to begin the field work. Depending on the size of the group, I may have an assistant with me that can help with basic camera set-up and general questions, but I will still be providing the primary guidance and offering the personalized attention that you deserve.

If you are part of a camera club and would like to have a group workshop for your club members, please contact me so that we can discuss pricing and scheduling. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

(There are no planned group workshops at this time, please check back as I will be adding them soon)